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Enhancing Pension Contributions for a Brighter Future

Welcome to our latest issue. As we embark on the new tax year, on page 08, we consider why reviewing your pension savings strategy presents an opportune moment, setting a solid foundation for future financial stability. Early attention to your private pension at the onset of the fiscal year is not just about cultivating beneficial saving habits; it's also about ensuring you take advantage of the benefits and allowances available to you.

Britons procrastinate on making a Will

Research identifies that over half of adults do not have a Will


Looming pension pitfall

£50 billion of hard-earned pension funds could be in jeopardy


Costs of later-life care

Establishing a thorough wealth strategy is key to ensuring financial readiness


Changes to Individual Savings Accounts in 2024

Why savers and investors now have a more flexible approach


Enhancing pension contributions for a brighter future

New tax year, new you? Maximise your pension savings this new tax year


Navigating Inheritance Tax

How to pass on assets to the next generation to secure their future for tomorrow


Rising trend of unretirement

14% of those aged over 55 have found themselves re-entering the workforce


Prudence of perseverance in investing

Maintaining an investment stance centred on the potential for long-term growth


Enhancing retirement through lump sum contributions

Contributing additional amounts to your pension stands to benefit you significantly in the long term


Understanding pension uncertainties

Survey highlights prevailing uncertainty among those on the cusp of retirement 


Generational wealth perspectives

Whether through property, pensions or a blend of both, informed decision-making is crucial


New pension tax framework

Pivotal shift changes you need to know commenced from 6 April 2024


Troubling trend amongst UK workers

Prevailing issue of presenteeism highlights a need for a transformation in workplace culture


Unveiling the core principles of investing

Timeless beacons guide investors through periods of market volatility towards financial prosperity


Mind over matter

How behavioural investing can shape financial futures


Strategic reinvestment of State Pension increases

When transferring into a personal pension may make sense


Unique insight into the current attitudes towards pension investment

Prevailing concern among savers regarding their capability to make informed investment decisions


Employee preferences in Workplace Pension selection

Complex landscape of employee preferences, confidence and skills


Overcoming the gender investment disparity

Critical insights to empower women to take the reins of their financial destinies


UK retirees confronting pension shortfalls

Many regret not having commenced their savings journey earlier in their careers


Reliance on Defined Benefit pensions among over-50s

Diverse avenues through which individuals plan to supplement their retirement income

A Crucial Decade: Financial Planning in your 50s

Welcome to our November/December 2023 edition. As you sail into your 50s, it becomes pivotal to consider your financial strategy. Life has likely found a steady rhythm by now. Children have probably taken flight, becoming financially self-sufficient, and the idea of reducing work hours or even retiring completely starts to surface. Each person's life journey is unique and has different resources and challenges. However, there are shared goals and steps that one can take during this stage. On page 09, we consider how knowing where to begin can be daunting, whether you aim to maximise your earnings or lay down a robust financial plan.

Welcome to our latest November/December 2023 edition. 


Articles featured in this issue:


Taxing times for 2023 

A year marked by several tax changes that impacted higher rate taxpayers


Strategies to minimise retirement tax

Many pensioners may face a lurking tax risk as the State Pension grows


Decoding auto-enrolment

Good news on the horizon for future retirees


A crucial decade: financial planning in your 50s

Maximising your earnings or laying down a robust financial plan


Journey to monetary autonomy

Optimising your finances and formulating an all-encompassing wealth plan for the future


‘Time in the market’, not ‘timing the market’

The allure of quick profits and instant gratification


Weathering the inflation storm

Is it time to diversify your portfolio?


High costs of private education

The significant decision of choosing a private school for children


Aspiring towards retirement

Why many people experience a mixed bag of emotions on the subject


A timely proposition

Considering gilts for your investment portfolio?


The Family Bank

Planning to aid the next generation


Mind the retirement gap

Crisis looming over today's youth


Financial planning

A personal journey tailored to your unique financial situation and aspirations


Positive impact on financial wellbeing

Improving your overall life satisfaction and happiness


Navigating multiple pensions

Simplifying financial management, lowering charges and increasing future funds


The reality of retirement

Are you sure your target retirement age aligns with your financial status?


Taking the first step

Introduction to investing for beginners


Inflation and your retirement income

Several strategies to lessen its impact on retirees


The gender divide

Reflecting on 75 years of State Pensions


Fixed-income investments

Providing significant value in a diversified investment portfolio


Immediate gains, long-term losses

The high price of halting pension contributions


Fed up With your Nine-to-Five

Welcome to our latest edition. Are you fed up with your nine-to-five? There are many factors that can influence when someone decides to retire. For some, it may be based on health reasons, while others may want to take advantage of government benefits or simply enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. However, one of the most common factors that determines when people choose to retire is their age. On page 10 we look at what is the most popular age to retire early. New research reveals the key steps people have taken to embrace early retirement and examines the costs and benefits of doing so.

Invest Your Way Out of Inflation

Welcome to our March/April 2022 magazine. Inside, we look at why now is the time to make sure you protect your wealth. The word ‘inflation’ had barely featured in the market’s vocabulary in the last three decades until it suddenly started to come back with a vengeance in 2021. As higher inflation looks set to persist throughout 2022, on page 09 we consider why finding ways to generate a return on investments greater than inflation will be a key investment theme – otherwise your wealth falls in real terms. 

Articles featured in this issue:


Getting ready to retire?

Bolstering your retirement lifestyle as you approach retirement 


Invest your way out of inflation

Why now is the time to make sure you protect your wealth


Looking to build a bigger pension?

Don’t miss the deadline to give your pension savings a boost


Improving your financial health

Staying on track to achieving specific financial goals


How much do I need to save to retire?

Questions to help you live your best life in later life


‘Time is money’

5 principles of investing everyone should know


Pension freedoms

You work, you save and then you retire


Investment choices

Behavioural patterns shaping our way of investing, for better or worse


Cost-of-living crunch

Savers still recognise the importance of long-term planning


Disrupting social plans leads to savings surge

Britons saved almost £4bn as a result of the Omicron variant


‘Job for life’ a thing of the past

Most Millennials and Gen Z have two or more pension pots


Roadmap for investors

Increased confidence portfolios will perform well in 2022


Will I be able to retire when I want to?

Financial planning and advice for the ‘unretired'


Inheritance Tax

What will your legacy look like?


How confident are you about your retirement?

Hopes, fears and aspirations of people approaching and in retirement


Smart money habits

Best practice, smart money habits


Extending the scope of the trust register

Deadline for non-taxable trust registrations announced


Unlocking cash from the value of your home

Homeowners release a record-breaking £4.4bn in property wealth

New Year's Tax Savings Resolutions

Welcome to our latest edition. Inside, we look at New Year’s tax saving resolutions to make sure you are fully utilising your relevant tax planning opportunities. With the tax year end (5 April) on the horizon, taking action now may give you the opportunity to take advantage of any remaining reliefs, allowances and exemptions. On page 08 we have provided some key tax and financial planning tips to consider prior to the end of the tax year. Now is also the perfect time to take a wider review of your circumstances and plan for the year ahead.

Adult social care charging reform

What will the government’s proposals mean for the social care system?


Improve your financial life

Setting a financial New Year’s resolution you’ll actually keep


Beyond profit

How green is your pension?


Get ready to beat the ISA deadline

Time to give your financial future a boost?


New Year’s tax saving resolutions

Make full use of your relevant tax planning opportunities


Time to bring your pensions together?

3.6 million Britons have lost track of their pension savings


It may be time to invest your cash

Is your wealth protected from the damaging effects of inflation?


How much income will you receive from your State Pension?

Knowing what to expect can be an important part of planning for life after work


Create a better world to live and retire in

Pension investments to harness a more sustainable planet


The importance of financial protection 

Millions battling with financial hardship, relationship stress and sleepless nights


Across the generations

Pandemic forces people to reassess their finances


Mind the pension gender gap

Women are being urged to think about their long-term savings


Could equity release fund your future?

Freeing up funds or releasing money tied up in your home


Missing midlife workers

Redundancy pushes over-50s out of the workforce


What’s your magic number?

Keeping up your current lifestyle and enjoying your golden years


Live sustainably: how to be a conscious consumer  

The everyday choices we make all have impacts on our planet


Saving for a rainy day

What’s the right emergency fund amount for you?


What matters to you?

What you want your wealth to achieve will be unique. It may involve your family, your business and other interests - as well as the social or environmental causes you are passionate about. We can help you achieve the financial future you want for you and your family – please contact us.