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We are confident that with the wealth of extensive financial expertise, we have the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver powerful solutions that add real, tangible value to your wealth planning. In providing effective solutions, we offer you a high level of Partner contact. In all areas of financial planning, we provide clients with pragmatic, personalised advice and insights that help them succeed.

We are 8 IFA’s with a  support team based in the City of London, looking after £250 million of client money. We give both company and individual advice and don’t charge for initial meetings.

We also work closely with HR and Benefits teams delivering in-house financial advice for staff of large corporates helping them with their financial education and wellbeing.

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Using a financial adviser to manage your wealth planning can be very rewarding. Professionals are much more likely to be aware of some of the ways in which your money can be optimised so that you plan and provide for the future.

The downside is, obviously, the cost involved in employing a professional financial advisor. This may seem a bit daunting but you get a team of people working on your behalf to make the most of your money. If you ever find yourself out of your depth, don’t worry – City Capital Financial advisors are always on hand to answer your questions.

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