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Write your will online from the comfort of your home.

Implementing a Will is so important and makes sure you leave everything in order for the ones you love most.

City Capital Financial Planning have teamed up with ‘Beyond‘ to offer you a legally-binding will from as little as £90.

Write Your Will


Importance of writing a will

Without a will you could find:

  • Without a will, your partner, if you’re not married, can’t inherit your home.
  • Without a will, your family may have to sell the home, to raise money.
  • Without a will, inheritance tax can be higher than necessary.
  • Without a will, your spouse could inherit everything and remarry, leaving your children without an inheritance.
  • Without a will, a relative you’re not close to could inherit instead of the people you love.
  • Without a will, the home can be split between people with different plans for it, creating disputes.

Beyond online will £90 for a single will £135 for partner wills.

Typical lawyer £200 – £1,000 per will.


Easy and Simple Will Service

With Beyond’s service, you can make a legally-binding will at home in just 15 minutes. Each will is checked by legal experts and can be updated any time quickly and easily.

With Beyond, it’s really easy to make a will. All you need to do is go to their website and answer some very simple questions about your wishes. They will then turn your answers into a proper, legally-binding will that uses all the right legal language and structure. Print it off, sign with witnesses, and your legacy is protected.

  • Takes just 15 minutes
  • Checked by experts
  • Protects your partner, kids and pets
  • Free National Will Registration (worth £30)
  • Unlimited updates for just £10 a year (optional)

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