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Investment Bonds - How Bond's Structure & Tax Advantages Can Help you Pass on Wealth

Welcome to our September/October 2023 edition. In this issue, we look at investment bonds and explain how they offer several benefits that some investors may be missing out on, which have become even more beneficial due to recent changes in tax regulations. This follows last November’s Budget and the Chancellor’s decision to reduce the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Allowance from £12,000 to £6,000 this year and to £3,000 in April 2024. This is likely to increase the appeal of investment bonds for some investors who want to minimise Inheritance Tax (IHT) liabilities when passing on wealth. 

Preserving wealth for future generations

Starting estate planning early and implementing it in stages is desirable


Will you make the right decisions around your pension pot?

Why defined contribution pensions are even more appealing for wealth transfer


Building a reliable income stream for your golden years

Make sure you maximise your retirement income through annuity shopping


Investment bonds

How bonds' structure and tax advantages can help you pass on wealth


Missing out on unclaimed money that could be in your pocket?

£1.3 billion pension tax relief unclaimed by pension savers over a five-year period


Saving for the next generation

Taking proactive steps in securing your child’s or grandchild’s financial future


Money and divorce

Untangling your finances and navigating the financial aspects of divorce


Pension drawdown

Greater flexibility in accessing your pension funds


Cost of care in later life

Choosing the best option for yourself or your loved ones


Retirement cash flow modelling

Assessing your current and projected wealth, income and expenses


Preparing the next generation to engage with their finances

How to help with money management and financial literacy 


Key traits for successful wealth-building

Developing an investment strategy tailored to your goals 


Macro trends impacting weddings in 2023

Main pressures are rising costs and unexpected expenses from suppliers


Retirement challenges faced by women

Nearly half of women aged 50-65 plan to continue working in some capacity after reaching the State Pension age


Do our later life dreams really become retirement reality? 

Taking the necessary steps towards a fulfilling retirement


Gap in knowledge and uptake of Power of Attorney

Protecting individuals and facilitating smoother decision-making processes


Millions may have to rethink their retirement plans

More than one in ten have mortgage debt in the final decade before they retire


How much will I need to live on in retirement?

Planning for your life after work to ensure a financially secure future


How to reduce the impact of inflation on retirement income

During periods of economic uncertainty, it's advisable to reassess your retirement plan


Professional financial advice – where’s the value?

Making more informed decisions about money leads to better financial health in the long run


How to find or trace a lost pension

Total value of lost pension pots £26.6 billion in 2022

Wealth Succession - Making the Right Preparation for Future Generations

In this issue, financial planning can be a daunting and uncomfortable conversation for many, but thankfully attitudes towards talking about money are changing. Wealth succession should be an integral part of your financial plan as early as possible – because the right preparation now can have positive long-term impacts on future generations. On page 06, before you start this process, we consider the questions you need to ask.

Articles featured in this issue:


Goals don't just happen, you have to plan for them

How professional financial advice benefits both you and your family


Rising prices can wipe years off retirement pots

How to protect your pension income against inflationary pressures


Wealth succession

Making the right preparation for future generations


Show me the money

Britons not researching their investments because it’s ‘time consuming’ and ‘complicated’


Time to retire?

Planning your finances to be sustainable for the long term is key


Critical illness cover, your questions answered

Protecting against the financial impact that a serious illness can cause 


Retirement planning

Your wealth. Your legacy


Giving retirement a second thought?

Over a third of over-55s think they will work beyond their State Pension age


Financial security and freedom

Rising prices add almost 20% to ‘minimum’ cost of retirement


Thinking about divorcing?

Protecting your assets and preparing you for going forward on your own


Cost of living crisis

Almost one in three over-55s’ mortgage repayment plans derailed


Financial bliss!

Money and finances are a common source of disagreement and stress


Cost averaging your investments

Reducing the risk of investing in volatile markets


Insurance that works while you can’t

2.5 million Britons lose at least £23,126 a year due to long-term illness


Retirement planning for every life stage

Alleviate any fear and uncertainty you might have about your financial future


Overwhelmed by your pension? 

Almost half of UK consumers find pensions information daunting 


Protecting income

7% of self-employed workers would choose to carry on working through illness or injury


Financial jargon

7 out of 10 adults are puzzled by financial matters lingo


Future wealth

Ready to start investing for your grandchild’s future?


Drawdown, annuities or both?

Make sure your retirement strategy meets your needs and goals